Reading Beyond Literacy

Maktaba is not a traditional library. It is a space where, as you move from room to room you hear the sounds of parents reading to their children in a variety of languages or where from our Makers Room you hear the sounds of children busy crafting, experimenting and engineering. In the kitchen, families sharing their children’s snacks can be heard discussing the challenges of parenting. Step outside and you see we have taken note of the growing awareness of the importance of incorporating outdoor play and learning into traditional education in our community garden, where from October to April our children make the desert bloom. They plant, care for, and harvest vegetables, herbs, and flowers that we use for cooking adventures and art activities. We bring this time outside full circle through our weekly Garden Club using the books in our collection to help children strengthen their connection with nature.

We are a space where imagination comes to life through books, play, and thoughtfully conceived programming for children of all ages. We encourage children to explore the world and use creativity to reflect on their experiences. We also encourage children to contribute to their community by providing outlets for their natural curiosity and fostering dialog.


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Summer Memberships

Enjoy all the benefits of membership all summer long! Summer memberships include access to 5 Zoom Story and Activity times!

Summer is here! Why not join one of our Summer Reading Challenges? Simply print your challenge and let the fun begin. The challenge begins 1 July and ends on 31 August. Don’t forget to return your completed Bingo Cards to us no later than 1 September to eligible for our Giveaway on 5 September.


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At Maktaba we are passionate about sharing the FUN of reading and learning with kids and parents in our hands-on, multi-lingual environment! Come browse our growing collection of Arabic, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Turkish, and Greek books for children from birth to age 18, participate in our educational and engaging workshops and join our daily story times.