Play Shop


We have partnered with our friends from Play Atelier to bring PlanToys® to Qatar. These ethically made and sustainable toys stimulate, inspire and support your child’s learning and development. Go on, give the gift of play. 

Scrunch ™ The ultimate range of collapsible, multi-purpose beach products, including buckets, spades, extendable fishing nets, sand moulds, frisbees and more….. Made from 100% recyclable and reusable silicone. Not only is silicone a friend to the planet, it is also a significant factor in continuing efforts to make our lifestyles more sustainable. The incredible durability of silicone products gives them an impressive, long life of reusability.

If you are interested in a bulk order for your educational center, please review our full catalog and order form.


We’re sure you know and we hope you don’t mind us repeating that Maktaba is a not for profit organization committed to helping children in specific discover the joy of reading! We do this through our library collection, library activities and various outreach activities in the community and of course we have to be able to support our staff, our facilitates and keep our collection current. One of the ways we do this is by selling on the generous donations we receive. When you purchase a book from our store you are not only getting a great read but you are helping to support Maktaba so that we can continue to support our community. 

New: New to us and new to you. We either bought too many copies or received brand new copies for events, activities or promotions.

Read: These are books that we either pulled from the shelves because they were duplicates and we need space for new books or were donated to us in very good condition. 

Well-loved:These are books either removed from our shelves because they have been so well read or donations we received of beloved books. Condition is reflected in the picture and the price.